Hyosung Innovue’s BlueVerse ATM Application Software

Any financial institution or company in the business of placing ATM machines in local shops, restaurants, and other establishments understands the benefit of having a consistent customer experience across your entire network. However, problems arise when your fleet of ATMs come from a variety of different manufacturers. BlueVerse is Hyosung Innovue’s multi-vendor terminal application software that will meet all your ATM–driving needs.

BlueVerse Offers Optimal Experience for Operators and Users

What makes a good ATM user experience? It’s a question that operators are asking as they look to configure their network to handle their customer’s transactions with ease. A good way to keep your customers happy is to make sure your user experience is uniform across your network, and that’s the value of BlueVerse. From the branch to a drive-up ATM machine, or a standalone unit in a bustling shopping center, BlueVerse will help you put your customers’ preferred transactions at their fingertips wherever they engage.

Multi-Vendor Application Software for Uniform Functionality Across Your Entire ATM Fleet

Acquisitions, upgrades, and specific location requirements often make it impossible for the ATM network operator to maintain a uniform fleet of machines. Hyosung Innovue has created a solution. With our BlueVerse software, network providers can manage ATM machines from the six most popular vendors. BlueVerse runs on Windows 10 and supports legacy state-and-screen implementations, which means there’s no need to update your individual ATM’s operating systems for consistency across the entire network.

Implementing a new software suite can be intimidating, and it’s helpful to know that you’re using proven technology. BlueVerse has been deployed on hundreds of thousands of ATM machines across the globe and has earned a reputation for simplicity, security, and reliability. BlueVerse is ready today to meet all upcoming regulatory requirements. Currently, over 100 U.S. financial institutions are running Hyosung Innovue’s powerful multi-vendor BlueVerse software. BlueVerse holds the key to making your fleet run as smoothly as possible. To unlock the potential of your network with this valuable ATM terminal application, contact us today.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Retail ATM

Our BlueVerse software suite is designed not only for financial institutions, but also offers a wide variety of features to bring out the most in ATMs deployed in retail locations as well. By allowing customers to transact in new ways, such as checking the balance of multiple accounts, getting dynamic currency conversions, or enabling the selection of cash denominations, our BlueVerse software provides consumers with a greater level of convenience not found anywhere else.

BlueVerse also provides whole new transaction types that elevate our retail ATMs beyond the competition. With the introduction of cryptocurrency transactions, retailer business owners acquire a new opportunity to increase their profits. Cryptocurrency ATMs allow consumers to perform a variety of Bitcoin transactions, such as buying, selling, and even making cash withdrawals. It’s a high-tech way to put money in consumers’ pockets that they can then spend in your store. Our software selection includes interfaces that work with mobile apps to meet your customers’ needs.

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