ATM Biometrics

ATMs have always been a safe, hassle-free way, to get access to quick currency, but in today’s world, the time-tested automatic tell machine has also become a prime target for thieves. This is why biometrics may be on the way to an ATM near you.

Thankfully, in 2021, biometrics encompasses more than just fingerprint scans since there are multiple ways for ATMs to authenticate customers, and this only serves to make ATMs more trustworthy plus safer than they are now.

More People Are Open To Using Biometrics

The good news about biometrics in the 2020s is that more people are accepting of biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprint scans thanks to the biometrics that they have on their own phones, and how biometrics is portrayed in the movies.

At a recent roundtable discussion at ATMIA in Las Vegas, leaders in the ATM industry including Stuart Mackinnon, Michael Diamond, Nathan Dent, and William Buddle, discussed biometrics in the 2020s and how banking customers will use biometrics to authenticate themselves in the future.

What’s The Next Phase For ATM Biometrics?

The next phase of implementing ATM Biometrics worldwide has everything to do with convincing more banking customers about the benefits of this form of security.

Once more banking customers know that their fingerprint or facial scan is an excellent defense against thieves that may attempt to steal their banking information, we’re going to see more ATMs offering biometrics at locations worldwide.

Biometrics is an excellent way for consumers to fight fraud and ensure that their banking information will be protected regardless if they are withdrawing or depositing money at their local ATM.

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer