Artificial Intelligence Is Improving ATM’s

ATM machines have been a part of our lives for decades now and as with any other piece of technology that we own or use, we depend on Automatic Teller Machines to be ready to dispense cash from our accounts when we need to use them.

Even though ATM’s are dependable, the reality is that each machine faces a variety of challenges at the location where it’s placed ranging from the weather, crime, or heavy use and it’s not uncommon for an ATM to face some downtime during the year due to any of these factors.

To avoid ATM downtime, ATM machines of the future could come equipped with artificial intelligence so that each machine can “communicate” with its owner when the machine needs maintenance or is facing a problem that could result in downtime.

Will Help Owners Be Proactive Instead of Reactive with Maintenance 

In today’s world, when an ATM goes down, an owner has to be reactive with maintenance and work hard to get that machine back online fast.

The good news is that as more ATMs come equipped with artificial intelligence, and machine learning, it’s possible that an ATM can send its owner a maintenance notification so that maintenance issues can be resolved quickly before they turn into bigger problems which result in the machine going dark.

Will ATMs of the future be able to communicate with their users like Suri, Alexa, and Cortana can on our other devices? That remains to be seen. Right now, the goal is to equip ATMs with advanced technologies so that each machine can accurately record the stresses that it faces including: heavy demand from an urban location, weather, and other factors so that it’s owner can be proactive with resolving maintenance issues before they occur.

Gearing Up for The Decline in Physical Bank Branches

As we move forward into the 2020s, it’s likely, that the experience of walking into a bank to conduct a physical transaction will become a thing of the past as more banks push their customers to use mobile, web banking, and ATM’s.

With less physical bank branches around than before, it’s going to become imperative that ATM business owners do everything that they can to make sure that their ATMs are always on and are ready to serve customers.

Keeping ATMs running is important because this will also keep customers reliant on using ATMs in their city or town and increase the revenue that each owner can expect from their machine.

How AI Technology Will Impact ATM’s In the Future 

Decreasing downtime, and increasing uptime, is the goal for every ATM owner. Thankfully, when AI is integrated into ATMs in the future, that technology will be able to accomplish the goal of increasing ATM uptime.

ATMs that are manufactured in the coming years will also be able to alert their owners about transport recovery issues and use low-level engineering data to predict a timeframe, or window, when the machine is going to need maintenance.

What’s even better is that companies like Diebold Nixdorf are also developing technology that will stop fraudulent activities, like skimming, so that the authorities can be notified and the fraudulent activity stopped when it occurs.

Mobile devices are also expected to play a big part in how ATM’s are used in the coming years. Most ATM industry insiders predict that the next generation of Automatic Teller Machines won’t require the user to swipe their debit cards. 

The next generation of ATMs are expected to have the ability to interact with a customer’s mobile phone so that all the customer has to do is walk up to the machine and use their biometrics to have the machine dispense cash instead of entering a pin code or password.

When you combine mobile, with AI technology, we can expect the next generation of ATMs to always be running and ready to dispense our cash when we use them in the years to come.

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