Wireless Telecommunications

WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANIES For ATM Machines, ATM wireless services. These Wireless Telecommunication service companies are listed below alphabetically by company name, must be actual company name. Contact the following companies to find out about their services & rates.

AOS Wireless

AOS Wireless Has the Right Products with the Right Service for All Your Wireless Needs.AOS Wireless is a Delaware-based company developed to provide wireless access for ATMs, kiosks, POS and more – throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe. (866) 288-0682, aos@aoswireless.com, https://www.aoswireless.com

DPL offers wireless modems designed specifically for ATMs, GPS heavy equipment fleet management & monitoring devices & telephone test & interface. Our Hercules wireless modems are built by us – with care – in good old North America. Our casings are made of metal, sweat, a little blood, and a lot of heart. They’re not just some off-the-shelf piece of plastic, made in who knows where, with some re-sellers logo slapped on it. Our network architecture routs all transactions through our data centres, giving us, and you, complete visibility of what’s happening; at your ATMs; with your cellular carriers; and with your payment processors. All through the mobile friendly, Hercules Portal. Please visit website at https://www.dplwireless.com/, Phone: 506-874-6447, Email: jon.jewett@dplwireless.com