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Upgrade Your Older ATMs With Onyx, The Newest Genmega ATM

More consumers are using ATMs than ever before, especially since the Pandemic, as some banks have closed nationwide, and traditional banking is becoming a thing of the past.

Thanks to Genmega’s new Onyx ATM, operators can capitalize on the need for convenient access to cash in their city by placing an the Onyx ATM anywhere consumers might need cash for groceries, bills, expenses, or a night out.

About The Onyx ATM

With a design and features that closely resemble what you would find in a bank, the Genmega ATM has an up-to-date look that’s sure to attract business and provide people who use it with peace of mind about the quality of the ATM that they are using since it looks like an ATM that could be placed in a financial institution.

Besides offering a stylish design, the Onyx ATM also has a strong cabinet and security enhancements that make it an ideal ATM for any location including high foot traffic locations like nightclubs, grocery stores, hotels, or gas stations.

The Future of ATM Technology

ATMs have been in use worldwide for more than 40 years, but most operators take time updating their ATMs and often keep older models in service for longer than expected.

In today’s world, modern ATMs are more in use than older ATMs because a consumer who uses a new newer ATM like Onyx will see that it offers them the features that they are used to with today’s modern technology including a 10.2” widescreen, and an optional 12” touch screen.

This modern ATM also includes an option 3” printer upgrade that can be used for couponing and other ATM product offerings.

A Versatile Solution for Any Location

Unlike some ATMs that require additional hardware or software to make them work, Genmega’s Onyx ATM is a versatile solution that supports other manufacturers’ hardware and all Genmegas CPUs.

To learn more about the Onyx ATM, visit the Genmega website at

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