Wireless Connectivity

DPL Wireless – Reliable Wireless ATM Internet Connectivity

In today’s world, one of the most common topics of conversations among ATM operators is wireless ATM connectivity because if an ATM cannot connect to the internet for transaction processing, balance verification, and other ATM services, that machine is useless.

Their communication protocols are specifically optimized for real-time ATM transaction processing, and when you combine that with geographically redundant data centers, plus 24/7 support, the choice is clear that their wireless routers are the best solution for every owner that wants a reliable machine.

Remote ATM Management

Besides their wireless routers, DPL Wireless also offers Hercules RMS, a solution that enables ATM operators to manage their machines remotely. Remote ATM management makes it possible for operators to have access to their ATM’s electronic journals without having to travel to their machines physically.

Hercules RMS gives ATM operators an easy way to resolve transaction disputes, troubleshoot, search for errors, view parameters and so much more.

ATM Monitoring

If you’re interested in ATM monitoring, DPL Wireless also offers monitoring services as well which make it possible for owners to receive emails or text messages 24-7 that will alert the operator if their ATM has been disconnected from its power supply, had its door opened, or if the machine has been moved in any way.

DPL Wireless also offers an ATM restart accessory that enables operators to reboot their ATM’s from any smartphone or PC, saving the expense of having to pay tech support to drive out to the machine to work on it in person.

For more information about DPL Wireless, and the services that they can offer you, visit their website today at https://www.dplwireless.com. 1-800-561-8880, sales@dplwireless.com.