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Triton Connect

Take Control of your ATMs While Increasing Efficiency & Reducing Costs!

With a new dashboard and updated features, taking control of your ATM fleet while increasing efficiency and reducing costs has never been more accessible or affordable. From a single PC or distributed network of PCs, Triton Connect allows you to decrease costly site visits by remotely monitoring your ATMs.

Maintenance Made Easy

If your ATMs aren’t in operation, you are aren’t making money. Triton’s improved cutting-edge software allows you to monitor each ATM status in your fleet, view the electronic journal, keep tabs on revenue, and perform a variety of day-to-day maintenance without having to leave the office. Triton Connect 6.x makes it easy to download and update software, upload welcome and ad screens, schedule ATM reboots and much with the click of a mouse. It will also notify you when an ATM is out of service and tell you exactly what is wrong via e-mail, mobile devices or text.

Cost-Effective Solution

Triton’s new tiered billing structure takes into consideration how many ATMs are being monitored and how many users need to have access allowing you to pay for only what you need. Each tier is customizable, permitting additional licenses to be purchased.

Remote monitoring has never been so worry free. Call Triton 228-575-3100, visit website at

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