Transaction Processing

Columbus Data Services – Data Processing Made Easy 

Owning ATM’s is an ideal way to earn passive income while building wealth monthly, but the real key to success with an ATM business is partnering with the right data processing company. 

Columbus Data Services is an ideal data processing partner because they’ve been in business since 1999 and currently service more than 80,000 terminals nationwide. 

Working with one of the best data providers in the nation will offer you peace of mind in knowing that regardless of where your ATM’s are located, or how many terminals you add to your portfolio, you have the right company serving all your terminals needs. 

What Can Columbus Data Systems Offer You? 

From terminal driving and connectivity to settlement accounting, and everything in between, Columbus Data Systems is the company that operators choose for their ATM processing needs when they are ready to scale their businesses. 

This company offers a suite of services that every ATM operator needs including 

  • Monitoring and dispatch 
  • 24-hour tech support plus  
  • Industry leading web tools for remote machine management 
  • Email and SMS tech message alerts for terminal status 
  • Cash management tools 
  • Low cash/out of cash alerts 
  • Online transaction details  

Supporting All ATM Equipment  

It doesn’t matter if you have Triton, Fujistsu, GRG or Genmega ATM’s, you can count on Columbus Data Systems to have the solutions to support your machines.  

This company can also help you offer more services from your ATM’s as well including check imaging, and dispending non-cash items like ticks, stamps, and gift cards. 

When it’s time to grow your ATM business, you can also rely on them to sell the latest equipment as well since they are also a reseller of Genmega, Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle, Triton and GRG equipment. 

To learn more about Columbus Data Services and the services they can offer you, visit their website at