NuMind Builds Phone Charger Rental Kiosk Routes

Phone Charger Rental Kiosks

NuMind Solutions benefits you as a new business entrepreneur with complete support in building this specific business model for phone charger rental kiosks for end users to rent portable chargers on the go.

Thus, helping new and existing investors start operating their business and be on track to successful and profitable operations with this exciting ground floor opportunity: Phone Charger Rental Kiosk Routes!

A Phone Charger Rental Kiosk is similar to the Redbox model, where users pay a small fee to rent and return a portable battery charger at any of these phone charging kiosks. These kiosks offer a solution to help with what smartphone users face everyday: low battery anxiety.

  • NuMind does the work in setting up the Kiosk placements in high traffic business locations, in a specific city of your choice.
  • Initial Fee pays for Business Set-Up, Kiosks, and for trained Scouts to find qualified high traffic business locations for your Phone Charger Battery Rental machines.
  • Each Phone Charger Kiosk purchased offers phone charger battery rentals (similar to Redbox movie rentals model)!!
  • You make monthly income following the initial investment on rental fees and battery purchases.
  • ROI within 6-12 months.
Phone Charger Rental Kiosks

Let us help you build your new Phone Charger Battery Rental Kiosk Route!

We help find great locations such as: Hotels/Motels, Laundromats, Bars/Pubs, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Colleges/Universities, Shopping Malls, Medical Clinics, Dentist, Auto body shops, Movie theaters, Chiropractors, Eye doctors, and more!

Contact David Ferrara, President of NuMind Solutions for more information. Call (888) 505-7483, or email

Check out the Kiosk in action: