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KAL Takes Top Position As #1 ATM Software Supplier

KAL’s multivendor ATM software enables banks to take control of their ATM networks to reduce costs, increase functionality and improve competitiveness.

s the world’s leading provider of ATM software in the ‘multivendor – excluding own hardware’ category, KAL shines in the ATM Software 2023 report from RBR Data Services (a division of Datos Insights). Findings from strategic research experts reveal that KAL software is ahead of the competition in several key areas – based on installed base and country footprint.

Banks’ ATM software projects increasingly extend beyond the channel. Omnichannel initiatives see the ATM integrated with mobile banking, CRM and other platforms, while transformation projects demand new functionality, authentication and personalisation capabilities. Banks’ requirements are therefore changing rapidly, from both technical and business perspectives. ATM Software 2023 provides vendors and other industry stakeholders with comprehensive market and competitor data, plus in-depth analysis of 39 leading banks’ future plans and procurement strategies.

About KAL

KAL is a global software company operating at the forefront of the ATM industry. Our product suite of applications, management servers and platforms enables ATM hardware, software and services from multiple vendors to work together perfectly. Our range of services ensure that our clients can seamlessly integrate our products into their companies on time and within budget.

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