ATM BusinessEquipment

Kahuna Helps ATM Businesses & Start Ups

Kahuna ATM Solutions is dedicated to serving the needs of ATM Distributors, ATM Operators, and ATM Portfolio Managers. Kahuna works with businesses in the ATM industry to achieve more profitability. They also partner with their clients to help them achieve success and save money. Also providing complete and comprehensive ATM solutions for ATM sales organizations and deployers of all sizes.

The company sells and operates ATMs from all of the major manufacturers – Hyosung, Triton, Genmega, Hantle, NCR, Diebold, and others – and their tremendous scale means that they can secure the lowest pricing in the industry.

Have a favorite gear type? They can source it and get you a great price! Looking for help in deploying a more efficient network? They can help you determine the optimal solution for your growing network.

In addition to the ATM hardware, they can provide wraps and toppers to help your machine grab attention and attract users, provide wireless telecom solutions, provide parts and supplies for any gear you are running, and much more.

For more information visit or email, (888) 357-8472.