Wireless Connectivity

Connect Your ATM With The Hercules Wireless ATM Modem

One of the great things about owning an ATM route is that you can place an ATM almost anywhere but the big question is what do you do if you want to place one of your ATMs in a location that doesn’t have internet access?

The solution to the problem is to connect your ATM to a wireless network via the Hercules Wireless ATM modem.

About The Hercules Wireless ATM Modem

What’s great about this modem is that it’s ruggedly designed and easy to use with almost any ATM, especially machines that have been in the field for up to 10 years!

Another important thing to mention is that this modem also offers terminal auto-detect, and the industry’s best IP and remote management software, so that you can easily access it from any location that you have an internet connection.

The Right Wireless ATM For Your ATM Machine

The Hercules ATM modem also offers real-time transactions, diagnostic reporting, zero overage charges, unlimited transaction, 24-7 technical support and so much more.

Built by DPL, a company that’s has been involved with the ATM industry for decades, the Hercules wireless ATM has everything an ATM business owner needs to connect their ATM to the internet without the hassle.

Get Started For $1 

Now is the best time to get your own Hercules wireless ATM because, for a limited time, you can get their 4G and LTE wireless ATM for just $1.

It’s considered one of the best wireless modems in the ATM industry. To get started with the Hercules wireless ATM, visit their website today https://www.dplwireless.com/en/payment-options