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CashConnect - ATM Cash Management 

Building a portfolio of ATMs is one way to generate passive cash flow but it can be time-consuming, especially when operators must fund their ATMs and manage the cash themselves.

Thankfully, Wilmington DE-based CashConnect, a leader in the ATM industry since 1998, has innovated the process of cash logistics, making it possible for operators to leverage other people’s money to fund ATMs

What’s even more ideal is their nationwide network of armored carrier personnel makes it possible for operators to outsource the management of their ATMs as well.

Lower costs And Improve Service

Time and money are precious commodities for every business, especially ATM operators, because when their ATMs are not working, they are losing money and require the operator’s time to fix them.

Besides offering the right team to help operators manage their ATMs, CashConnect also makes it possible for operators to accurately predict the right amount of cash that their ATMs will need, thanks to cash forecasting tools.

What’s even more ideal is that they can also manage load schedules, predict power outages, and most important of all, their Smart Safe services make it possible for operators to eliminate daily branch deposits and expensive armored carrier pickup.

The 21st Century Way to Build ATM Business

ATMs aren’t going away anytime soon because the Pandemic has increased the demand for convenient access to cash nationwide but with crime on the rise, ATM operators must take extra steps to stay safe while they build their businesses.

CashConnect makes it possible for operators to still enjoy the same passive income and ROI from their ATMs, that they earned in the past while keeping themselves, or their employees out of harm’s way.

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To learn more about CashConnect, visit their website at or call (302) 283-4100.

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